Stained Glass Repair

At Glass and Mirror Shoppe, we don’t want you to throw your broken stained glass pieces away because we can repair them with ease.

Our staff artist, with over 30 years experience, does our stained glass repair services in-house, including replacement of broken glass and soldering of lead. These services are competitively priced and will have your stained glass looking like new.

If pieces are not salvageable, our artist will work with you to create an identical piece in the traditional stained glass or art glass overlay styles. Call Glass and Mirror Shoppe today to schedule a consultation to discuss options for your stained glass repairs.

Our hours are Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm with appointments available evenings and Saturdays.  To make an appointment, feel free give us a call at (760) 729-1064 or Request a Quote.


photo 2-5

Traditional stained glass before repair

Stained glass lamp repair

Traditional stained glass lamp shade after repair


Traditional leaded sidelight before repair.