Cabinet Glass- Texture, Color, Lead, Bevels

Cabinet glass can change the look of your home or office instantly with glass or even mirror inserts offered by Glass and Mirror Shoppe.

Give your kitchen a makeover with glass inserts, including stained art glass overlay, lead-beveled glass, textured glass or another one of our decorative and flat glass options. Cabinet glass inserts are custom designed to specifically meet the look and needs of your lifestyle.

Textured glass can be used to mask what is behind those cabinet doors! Using decorative glass adds a beautiful, cohesive look to the room while adding a personal touch. We will work with you on your design, and will even work to match your new cabinet doors with its surrounding elements. This is a perfect time to use stained glass overlay which is placed on tempered glass for strength and durability.

A clear flat glass is a great option for visibility into cabinets- no need to open all the doors to find what you’re looking for! Or, switch it up with a frosted glass to diffuse the look of what’s behind your doors.

Whether installing new cabinets or replacing existing glass, contact Glass and Mirror Shoppe today to learn more about our cabinet glass options!


Clear glass with beautiful leaded design.

Cabinets with textured glass and bevels.

For a wonderful addition to custom cabinets, try textured glass along with leaded design and bevels.

Art glass overlay flowers in a cabinet

Custom art glass overlay is a nice accent to home or office.
























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